Online Guide to Atlantic City Historical Markers

There are commemorative markers throughout Atlantic City which share the history of Atlantic City and the stories of many Atlantic City residents. You can search for this information by events, places and people, or by clicking on the locations on the Atlantic City map. Many of the markers honoring Atlantic City residents are the result of the ongoing Atlantic City Historical Marker Program which was implemented by the Atlantic City Planning Department in 2005.

These markers honor people who made significant contributions to the community and were installed, as much as possible, at locations associated with their life's work or activities. We would like to acknowledge current and former Atlantic City officials and staff responsible for implementing and continuing this project.

The staff of the Atlantic City Free Public Library has developed this online resource and is working to identify all of the markers in Atlantic City. Please help us make this listing as complete as possible by sending information about any markers we may have missed by clicking here and sending us a message.